Coppa Montalbano Architects is a recently reorganized firm (formally Comerro Coppa Architects) with a long history in dating back to its original opening in 1956 founded by the late Harold Comerro. Steve Coppa has been a part of this organization since 1984 and Mark Montalbano has recently rejoined with Steve in the spring of 2016 forming Coppa Montalbano Architects (CMA). Mark and Steve have a strong relationship dating back to 1999 and a combined working experience of over 50 years. Our firm’s philosophy of good design, personal service to all our clients, and utilization of cost effective methods and materials. This has served us well in our 60th year of the firm.

We are a full service architectural, planning and interior design firm committed to serving our clients with the best possible design within their budgetary constraints. Our reputation is our single biggest asset and it is a testament to past performance and philosophy that the majority of our work is with repeat clients.

CMA is small enough to provide principal participation in each and every project, and large enough to handle complex and challenging design commissions. Our experience is well rounded, our staff has been together for near 20 years, and the leadership of the principals brings over 60 years of hands on expertise to the table of any commission.

We include the offering to each project the most sophisticated new technology in computer aided design, 3D modeling, and virtual walk thru, visualizations. Computer technology is imbued within the fabric of our everyday working environment, becoming an invaluable asset, assisting us to provide the most complete and accurate realization of our design intent.

The firm has extensive experience with the design and construction administration of many building types including institutional, commercial, educational, medical, laboratory, penal, residential, and other specialized computer and technology oriented projects.

Our designs have also addressed high density in crowded urban centers, as well as large complexes on expansive open tracts of land.

We have strong background in preservation architecture, and adaptive re-use, having worked in Paterson, and its environs, where many older mills and factories, have now been given a second life, with new purpose.

No matter the type of project, nor the constraints placed upon it, our design methodology remains the same. Listen carefully to the client, respond to their needs, and prepare designs that meet their goals and expectations. This is the core belief shared by all those at Coppa Montalbano Architects.


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